Bitcoin Verde

Become part of the best peer-to-peer electronic cash network.

Run a Bitcoin Cash server.

A Bitcoin Cash full-node written in Java.


Unique codebase providing increased security to the Bitcoin Cash network.


Stable and Fault tolerant. A system that has been well tested.

Miners & Peers

Suitable for mining and for network validation.


Multithreaded performance supports over 200 transactions per second.

Our Group

Bitcoin Verde is a ground-up build written in Java and maintained by the Software Verde, LLC development team. Software Verde is a custom software development company from Columbus, Ohio dedicated to developing innovative technology that serves our community.

Bitcoin Verde provides the BCH network with a full-node implementation, a block explorer, and development library. Our ambitions are to continue to continue to improve our implementation and ultimately provide wallet and mining-pool modules.

Bitcoin Verde is an open-source project supported by our community. Ask questions or get to know the team on our Community Telegram.

The Team

Built-In SLP-Enabled Explorer

Bitcoin Verde's bundled explorer is integrated directly into the node— no other software needed.

Our indexer is compact and fast; engineered to keep pace with network's fastest traffic.

View a live version at

Default System Requirements

System specs satisfy the default configuration of the latest release.